World Driver Championship Car & Track mod – Take 2

Yonks ago (2013 to be precise), I was working on a project which I hoped eventually would enable me to import new car and track models into the N64 game World Driver Championship, I really want to make a Speed Racer mod for the game, it’s slidy handling feels like a good fit to me.
I got as far as partially decoding the track and car data formats, and had a basic C# track viewer up and running (barely, my understanding of OpenGL was… tenuous). Then it fell by the wayside as projects tend to do from time to time and gathered dust…WorldDriverChampionshipuntil now!

Starting from scratch (with the help of my old notes, thank-you past me!) in D, and modern OpenGL the project lives once again.
I’ve started from the other side this time, doing the car model viewer first. So far I have models displaying, and I think I’ve worked out the details for textures. There are some small sections of data in the car blobs that I haven’t figured out yet, but I wonder if they might be to do with in-game things like handling, which I haven’t tested yet.wdc_23_2_16