Oracle of Ages Glitches - Veran Warp

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Compatible Versions
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Discovered: Drennthew
Verified: Yes


  • Tune of Ages
  • Seed Shooter with Pegasus or Ember Seeds


US Version

  1. Get out-of-bounds by doing method 2 of the Text Warp. It's a frame perfect trick, but there is a location you can line up with to do it consistently.
  2. Play the tune of ages to escape from the glitched room.
  3. Go up 3 screens. Do not move horizontally.
  4. Use the harp on the second square from the bottom to go to the past.
  5. Put link in a specific position near the top-right of the screen. His nose should be aligned with a patch of grass - see the video. This position is pixel-perfect.
  6. Load the ember or pegasus seeds into the seed shooter. (It will crash otherwise.)
  7. Equip the bombs on A and the rocs feather on B. Don't mix this up.
  8. Jump and open the map on a frame where link's shadow is visible, and select the glitched tile once (3rd tile from the left). Press B to close the (now glitchy-looking) map. Your rupee count should change, and it will also glitch your ring box.
  9. Land, and press select on a frame where your time-portal is green. Red often works as well.
  10. Select the glitched tile multiple times until your cursor becomes purple. Then exit the map and go through the text boxes.

JP Version

  1. Do the first 4 steps of the US version Veran Warp
  2. Go up 1 screen
  3. Use a limited version of Sockfolder's Arbitrary Code setup. All you need to do is overwrite 2 bytes.
  4. If successful, you will wrong warp to Veran.


If done correctly, Veran's metamorphosis form will spawn along with the L10 Ring Box, allowing you to skip dungeons 7 and 8 entirely along with parts of 2, 4 and 5.


It will not work if the rightmost screen in the secret passageway in Ambi's Palace or the underwater area below it is not visited. The L10 Ring Box will become less useful if the top-left of Symmetry City in the present is visited. The L10 Ring Box glitch does not work in the Japanese version

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