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There is more than one version of Phantom Hourglass. The newer the version, however, the less glitches that can be performed. It's helpful to know which version you have so you know what glitches can be done on it.

As far as we know, there are 4 versions of Phantom Hourglass:

  • If you have Japanese text, you have JPN version.
  • If you have Korean text, you have KOR version.

If you don't have the JPN or KOR versions, you can find out your version by setting the language on your DS to anything other than Japanese and referring to the table below.

Language You have USA version if... You have PAL version if...
PH Pearl Necklace.png
The name of this item is...
Pearl Necklace White Pearl Loop
French The name of Ciela's "grandpa" is... Oshus Siwan
German The language on the title screen is... English German
Italian The language on the title screen is... English Italian

Note that there are other differences in names between the USA and PAL versions on English, French, and Spanish-language settings.

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