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This is a gamebreaking glitch. If you save your game after triggering this glitch, you will be unable to progress in the game unless you patch your save file.
Compatible Versions
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Discovered: Unknown
Verified: Yes


  • An early print run of the game
  • An unpatched save file
  • Having not completed at least two parts of the Song of the Hero quest, one of which must be Lanayru's part


  1. Complete Lanayru's part of the Song of the Hero quest. Make sure to speak to Golo when he appears.
  2. Look for Golo in the outdoor part of the desert, near the Bird Statue at Lanayru Mine, after completing Lanayru's part of the quest and talk to him.
  3. Head to where any uncompleted part of the Song of the Hero quest is supposed to start.


Once you've spoken to Golo under these circumstances, the game will lock the player out of the other parts of the Song of the Hero quest, rendering the game unable to progress. The only ways out of this glitch should one trigger it and save afterward are to load an earlier save, if any; restart the game from the beginning; or patch your save file with a game fix program.

Note that, if Golo is in a cavern area not as close to the Bird Statue, it's safe to talk to him in that condition. Additionally, if you complete Lanayru's part of the quest without speaking to Golo at all, the gamebreaking glitch won't trigger; therefore, it's recommended that you either do Lanayru's part of the quest last or otherwise not speak to Golo during the quest.

Nintendo has acknowledged the severity of this bug, and has issued a program that will fix game saves. This program can be downloaded over the Internet (in the form of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Save Data Update Channel, downloaded via Wii Shop Channel), or the save file can be sent to Nintendo (depending on region, this can be done by sending the save to Nintendo via email, or by sending an SD card or the Wii console itself with the affected save file via standard mail) and have the patch applied that way. It is also likely that this bug will be fixed on the actual game discs of later print runs of the game.

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