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If you do this glitch/trick a lot, overtime your game disk will become scratched. In some cases, to the point where it is completely unplayable. This may also damage your Wii/Gamecube, but no incidents of a damaged console have been seen. Use this at your own risk!

Compatible Versions
? GCN Wii HD
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Discovered: mzxrules
Verified: Yes

CD-Streaming is used as a way to make certain various actors throughout the game unloaded, to make them temporally disappear. It isn't much of a glitch, it's more like a technique that is used to trigger many various glitches/sub-glitches.

Wii Instructions

  1. Go to a area that has multiple loading points. (For example, any Hyrule Field)
  2. Press home, eject the disk and reinsert it so the the disk is no longer spinning. Press home to continue.
  3. When you reach a loading point you should hear the disk start spinning.
  4. Right when you start to hear it, immediately go to the home menu, eject the disk, reinsert it and press home to continue.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4.

GC Instructions

  1. Go to an area that has multiple loading points, just like the Wii Version.
  2. Hit the open button on the Gamecube and close it, so the disk is no longer spinning.
  3. After reaching a loading point, the disk should begin to spin again.
  4. The same as the Wii version, immediately hit the open button on the Gamecube and close it.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4.


Eventually you should find that the area is not loaded and you will just enter an empty void. You have successfully done the glitch. In some areas the land is still loaded but objects that block your way are gone. This is where this glitch becomes useful, as you can sort of skip around the main map. If you don't do the glitch correctly, then the area will load, but Link and anything else will be frozen in place.


When the game loads a new area when you go through a loading point, it spins the disk in the console for a couple seconds to read the disk. Every time you eject the disk during game play, the disk stops spinning until it starts to load something. If the disk stops spinning by ejecting the disk while the game is loading something, in this example - the next area, the disk must spin a certain number of times for the game to figure out what your doing by finding the game data. While the console if trying to find the current game data, nothing loads because it doesn't know what to load, so most actors that are past the loading point remain unloaded until the game's data is found. This is the cause of everything past the loading point to be unloaded.


  • In most places, you can ride Epona over an area that is unloaded, but you will just fall into the void below the unloaded area if you try to do this as a human or a wolf.
  • While riding Epona over an unloaded void, if you dismount her, she will stay where she is at that position, but you will fall into the void below and respawn without her.
  • You can partially load most unloaded areas be getting close to the part that is unloaded and then letting the game fully load while you have the game paused or have the Wii Menu open on the Wii. Partially loading an area can make the most common actors, including the ground, walls, rocks, etc. to be completely loaded, but all enemies in the partially loaded area will be visible, but not solid, allowing you to go right through these enemies without even touching them. These enemies don't move or attack you either. Partially loading an area also makes the next loading point in the area be unloaded. You can partially load the next unloaded area to make the next area partially loaded, but at the same time making the currently partially loaded area fully loaded, making all actors in the area to be visible and solid.
  • This glitch does not work on the Wii U version, upon reinserting disk it spins up instantly.
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