Twilight Princess Glitches - Diveless Early Lakebed Temple

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Compatible Versions
? GCN Wii HD
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Discovered: The Link Between Worlds
Verified: Yes


  1. Perform the New Game+ glitch with Water Bombs.
  2. Get the Iron Boots from Mayor Bo in Ordon Village by wrestling him twice.
  3. Get the Lantern from Coro, the Lantern Salesman in South Faron Woods, then do the Early Hyrule Field glitch.
  4. From Hyrule Field, Epona Clip through the gate blocking the Lanayru Province. (An alternate method of doing this step is to CD Stream from the Wall of Twilight at the gorge to this gate, but that wouldn't be allowed for speed runs, while Epona Clipping is.)
  5. Once in the Lanayru Province, jump off the Great Hylian Bridge to Early Lake Hylia.
  6. Once in Lake Hylia, swim until you are over the entrance to the Lakebed Temple. Once near this entrance, equip your Iron Boots and sink to the surface.
  7. At the surface, you will see this short ledge directly below the entrance to the dungeon. Stand on this ledge.
  8. When on the ledge, do the Swim with Water Bombs glitch TWICE. The first time you do it is to refill your breath meter. Then second time you do it is to blow up the rock.
  9. Once the rock is out of the way, simply swim right in.


You would have successfully entered Lakebed Temple early, before entering the first two dungeons prior to this one!


  • THIS GLITCH IS ALLOWED FOR SPEED RUNS!!!!! (As long as you do the Epona Clip method for step 4.)
  • In order to get past that first room in the dungeon, you must use at least 3 Water Bombs by doing the Swim with Water Bombs glitch to keep refilling your breath meter so that you don't drown until you reach the surface.
  • If you do this glitch perfectly, you can get past the first room in the dungeon with having only used a total of 5 Water Bombs (2 to enter the dungeon and 3 to get through the tunnel).
  • If you are in need of more Water Bombs after passing the underwater tunnel, you can open the small chest in the upper left corner (Wii) to get 10 Water Bombs.


If you Beat Morpheel Without Zora Armor, you should then end up having to go meet Zelda for the second time with injured Midna (this chapter of the game is known as "Midna's Desperate Hour"). What do you think would happen if you were to meet Zelda for the second time when it's actually your first time meeting her? The cutscenes involving Midna, Zelda, and Link would have some glitched visuals in them since you don't have Midna, you're not actually supposed to be a wolf, and you haven't met Zelda yet. You might be human instead of a wolf. What would happen after Zelda tells Link to get the Master Sword? Would it be a new EMS? What would happen if, after entering the Twilight Sewers, you were to backtrack to Link's prison cell, where he meets Midna? Would the cutscene where wolf Link meets Midna play, allowing you to get Midna?

I predict that you won't be able to enter the Twilight Sewers because the cat outside Telma's Bar, Louise, won't show up because he isn't supposed to. You see, even though you beat Morpheel and the Lakebed Temple and have encountered Zant, the game doesn't realize that you did it. The game still expects you to go enter Goron Mines, so since Louise doesn't show up during the Goron Mines dungeon, why would he show up now? He won't, so this means that after beating Morpheel, you won't be able to progress through the game anymore and you would be trapped in the area forever because there would be no way out, forcing you to give up. By the way, I, Glitching Legacy, the founder of this glitch, haven't been able to beat Morpheel without Zora Armor because it's too hard, so I haven't been able to find some answers for this theory, so I would really appreciate it if someone would test this themselves.

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