Twilight Princess Glitches - Early Kakariko Gorge (No Twilight)

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Compatible Versions
? GCN Wii HD
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Discovered: The Link Between Worlds
Verified: Yes


  • Epona


  1. CD-Stream to get to the Lanayru Province early without the twilight.
  2. Once past the gate, let the game fully load.
  3. Restart CD-Streaming and go more into the Lanayru Province and keep going until you reach the next unloaded area that should be right around the corner.
  4. Ride Epona over the void here and turn to the right (Wii), left (Gamecube) and ride her up onto the walls that you see here. Make sure that you are actually completely on the solid wall.
  5. Now ride her up to the wall's highest point to gain more elevation, then ride her off over the void again.
  6. Now, let the game fully load.
  7. With the game fully loaded, ride Epona around the Faron Woods entrance from this area, being sure to keep far enough away from the actual loading zone to prevent the game from crashing.
  8. Once past the Faron Woods loading zone, head to the entrance of Kakariko Gorge.
  9. You should now be on the left side(Wii), right (Gamecube) out of bounds besides the Kakariko Gorge trail. Go along this wall staying very close to the edge of it, and ride Epona to the part of this wall that bulges out a little into the trail here. You should easily be able to spot this part.
  10. At the bulge in the wall, start CD-Streaming, then turn around the opposite direction and go away from the wall of twilight here, still staying along the very edge of the wall.
  11. Continue going in this direction until you drop down a couple of inches onto solid ground that's out of bounds atop this wall that should be just before the trail opens up to all of this Hyrule Field. You should now hear the disc start to spin.
  12. With the disc spinning, turn around and ride Epona back to that same bulge in the wall you were previously at. Before you get back to that bulge, however, let the game fully load, then immediately restart CD-Streaming again.
  13. Once you get back to that bulge in the wall, you should hear the disk start spinning again.
  14. Now, ride Epona to the left (Wii), right (Gamecube) a bit to go around the Wall of Twilight here and get behind it.
  15. Once behind it, you should see that the first part of the Kakariko Gorge area is now loaded past the Wall of Twilight. Now go below this part of the trail and once you see Link's head through the ground, gallop on Epona. This will get Link and Epona on the solid ground above them, thus getting behind the Wall of Twilight. You can now let the game fully load to load the rest of the gorge.


You will now be behind the Wall of Twilight in Kakariko Gorge early without the twilight blanket being present. The truth is, though, the twilight is present, it's just "partially loaded".


  • If you ride Epona OR walk too close to the Wall of Twilight from behind it, the game will crash, forcing you to restart.
  • If you ride Epona past the start of the unloaded part of Kakariko Gorge before making it loaded while either out of bounds or on the solid ground, the game will crash, forcing you to restart.
  • If you let the game fully load while riding Epona out of bounds, Link and Epona will fall into the void below.
  • You can kill the 3 Twilit Creatures here to get the Kakariko Gorge warp point as a human by killing all 3 of them with a spin attack when they are all around you, killing them all at once. After doing so, you will automatically teleport off Epona to the edge of the gap in the missing bridge without Epona. Epona will still be behind you, though.
  • If you die or renter the area, you will be in the "real" twilight without Epona, but you will still be a human. If you save and restart, though, you will not be in Kakariko Gorge. You will be in the last place you had entered before entering Kakariko Gorge early without the twilight, but still as a human, but Epona won't be where you would be. You can get her back at this point by calling her using some Horse Grass nearby.
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