Twilight Princess Glitches - Endless Supply

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Compatible Versions
? GCN Wii HD
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Discovered: NephTheFish
Verified: Yes


  1. Go to Lake Hylia and howl at the grass to play Plumm's mini-game.
  2. Once the game begins, crash right into the wall. When you reappear and Plumm asks you if you want to try again, say no.
  3. Transform into human Link and jump into the water in front of you.
  4. At the right (Gamecube), there's some sort of bank that leads to a wall. Pull out the Clawshot, hold L and swim to it, you should clip through.
  5. In the invisible water, continue swimming until you fall to the abyss.
  6. Once you reappear, Plumm will ask you again if you want to retry, this time say yes.
  7. Once the game begins, crash into the wall once again.
  8. You'll now appear in Iza's mini-game, out of bounds. Transform into Wolf Link and jump into the water in front of you.
  9. You'll reappear in Lake Hylia and the Zora will ask you if you want to try again (even though you never played the game). Say yes.
  10. You'll be in Iza's house, outside the canoe. Go to the very corner where the pots are and warp out of the area.


You'll now have infinite bombs and arrows as long as you don't turn off the game.

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