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Compatible Versions
? GCN Wii HD
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Discovered: mxzrules
Verified: Yes

The Map Glitch is a timing- and loading-related glitch that can corrupt exit flags in an area -- that is, it can "break apart" adjacent maps, such that exiting one does not load the other.


  • You must have the Master Sword, because you need the ability to teleport and change into a wolf at any time.

Wii Instructions

  1. Stand in front of a sign so that the A button says "Check", and make sure no human being is near you. You can also use Epona to "Speak" to her as wolf.
  2. Press 1 and A at the exact same time.
  3. The Map will show up.
  4. Press up on the digital pad so that you can choose a portal to transfer to.
  5. Select a portal. During the warp cutscene, Link should read the sign.
  6. The glitch is now activated.

GameCube Instructions

  1. Press Z and D-Pad-Right.
  2. Choose a place to transport.
  3. Midna will talk to you; this means that the glitch is activated.


The glitch causes the game to load a map without loading the exit flags; this "breaks" adjacent maps, making it so that exiting one will not take Link to the other. It also stops Link from respawning if he falls to his death. The effect can be fixed by warping to a different location.

In some maps, such as the small area outside Link's house, collision data will be altered. In the mentioned example, rolling into a tree may cause Link to move upward rather than backward.

If you use your senses as Wolf Link then you will be stuck using them until you have transformed back into a human or entered another area (e.g. through warping, or activating the Kargarok flight minigame).


  • This glitch has been patched in later versions of the Wii. No method of this glitch works on the newest Wii version, but they all work on the previous versions.
  • This glitch does not work on the Wii U version.
  • This glitch works very similar to the CD-Stream technique.

Places to avoid with this glitch

  • Hyrule Castle entrance during day time will cause the game to crash. (Verified for GC and Wii)

Sub Glitches

Underground Stalking: Walk around or ride Epona under Hyrule.

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