Twilight Princess Glitches - Poe Soul Text Delay/Skip

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Compatible Versions
? GCN Wii HD
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Discovered: The Link Between Worlds
Verified: Yes


  • A Poe that you have not killed
  • Shadow Crystal


  1. Go to an area that as a Poe that you have not killed yet and transform into Wolf Link if you are not already Wolf Link.
  2. When you are near the Poe who you have not killed yet, start CD Streaming.
  3. While CD Streaming, kill the Poe to get its Poe Soul.


After you kill the Poe while CD Streaming, you do a backflip off the Poe's chest and glow blue for a second like you normally would, but the text box that comes up normally after you get each Poe Soul telling you that you got a Poe Soul will not come up. The text box will never come up until you let the game fully or partially load once. However, if you go through one nearby loading point, NOT loading zone, you can pass the loading point and let the game fully or partially load and the text box still will not come up. Instead, if you go back to that same loading point you had just passed without going through any other loading points or loading zones or reentering another time, the text box will come up instantly like it normally would have. By passing through the closest loading point once and then letting the game fully load, you can then transform into a human. Then as a human, if you go back to that same loading point you had just passed, you will instantly get the Poe Soul text box to come up, but as a human. Even without Wolf Link's senses and as a human, the Poe Soul still looks exactly the same.


  • This glitch may have some potential uses in the future. It may be possible to get unlimited Poe Souls, like how you can get unlimited Gold Skultula Tokens in Ocarina of Time, but this glitch is still being tested.
  • You can also do this glitch with the 4 Poes in Arbiter's Grounds before you have completed the dungeon. Again, they have no difference.
  • Even if you skip the Poe Soul text box forever, the Poe Soul is still added to your inventory as it normally would. And if you revisit the area where the Poe Soul you just killed was, it will no longer be there because you had already killed him.
  • This glitch can be used in speedruns, like the Rupee Text Skip.
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