Twilight Princess Glitches - Sign Freeze

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Compatible Versions
? GCN Wii HD
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Discovered: logitechSDAZ
Verified: Yes


  • Empty Bottle.
  • Sword.


  1. Go to a sign that your sword can cut up (Kakariko village will do)
  2. Fill up the bottle with water or anything.
  3. Walk up the sign and cut off a chunk.
  4. Pick that up and throw it against something to break it into pieces.
  5. Pick up a piece that is small enough for Link to carry around in one hand.
  6. Equip the bottle and use whatever's in it.

Alternately, a bone can be used instead of a sign piece; to use a bone, find the bone like you would the sign in step 1, do step 2 if you haven't already, then skip directly to step 5.


If done correctly, the icon will still say "Throw" and if you press A the game will freeze up. You'll now have to reset the game.


When Link dumps whatever is in the bottle (which drops the bone/piece of sign, to add some realism into the game), the game forgets to clear the data which says that Link is holding something. Since the game thinks Link is holding something when in reality he is not, you will be able to throw "nothing" which is just invalid data that causes the game to freeze. This probably happens because whenever you throw something, each item or object has it's own unique effect when dropped or thrown.


This glitch does not harm the game. You just have to reset.
Other items in addition to the bottle that can probably freeze the game:

  • Ashei's sketch.
  • Ooccoo's note.
  • Ilia's Charm.
  • Sky Book.
  • Wooden Statue.
  • Auru's Memo.
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