Twilight Princess Glitches - Teleporting Epona

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Compatible Versions
? GCN Wii HD
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Discovered: Glitching Legacy
Verified: Yes


  1. Enter South Faron Woods and call Epona here.
  2. Head to the Lantern Cavern while riding Epona.
  3. Once there, turn Epona around so she is facing towards the tunnel that is directly in front of the Lantern Cavern's main entrance, so her back is facing the Lantern Cavern entrance.
  4. Dismount Epona and enter the Lantern Cavern.
  5. Exit the Lantern Cavern back to South Faron Woods.
  6. As soon as you see the screen start to show South Faron Woods (when the screen starts to fade in to show Faron Woods right after the loading screen to be precise), start CD Streaming.
  7. While CD Streaming, quickly mount Epona from the back so that you get an automatic boost to make you go faster and head down the tunnel ahead.
  8. At the end of the tunnel, ride Epona over the unloaded area, then let the game fully load.
  9. Now ride Epona around this tunnel, going past the Lantern Cavern entrance to the big circular area that is the very first part of North Faron Woods on your map.
  10. Stop Epona when you have her in the center of the circular area that is the start of North Faron Woods, where the warp point here is.
  11. Dismount Epona so you fall into the void below and you will respawn back at the entrance to South Faron Woods in front of the Lantern Cavern's entrance.
  12. Head to North Faron Woods either by walking or warping.
  13. Look for Epona's head that should be sticking a little above the ground where you dismounted her to fall into the void below North Faron Woods. It really helps to listen for the sounds that Epona makes when looking for her in this step, so it is recommended that you have your sound up to hear her.
  14. Once you have found her, she will be close enough to the ground level for you to mount her, so when next to her, press A to mount her.


You will now be able to ride Epona out of bounds in North Faron Woods. You can also get her in bounds on the solid ground above her by simply galloping up when you are below the solid ground and able to see most of Link's head stick up through the ground.

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