Twilight Princess Glitches - Vine Clip Glitch

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Compatible Versions
? GCN Wii HD
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Discovered: The Link Between Worlds
Verified: Yes


  • Clawshots/Double Clawshots
  • Object with vines that touch the ground, has a very slight slant, and across from the slant must be enough room for Link to get to the side of the vines


  1. Go to the specific vines that match the description described above and go to the side of the vines.
  2. Pull out your Clawshots and while holding the Z-Button on the Nunchuck so you can move while targeted, aim at the slightly slanted end of the vines. Ensure you are as far to the side of the vines as possible so that you can't even see them.
  3. Position yourself right to the end of where that Clawshot's crosshair is yellow-meaning you can shoot at the vines. Then move a little more to the side of the vines and as soon as you do, shot the Clawshots at the vines. This requires a PERFECT ANGLE and has a 97% fail rate. It is VERY very very very very hard to do. It usually takes me at least 50 tries to finally get it right just once.


If done correctly, you should have clipped to the vines completely sideways and you would have gotten knocked off the vines as soon as you reached them because you didn't get on them the right way. This causes you to land right next to the vines, but very slightly inside the object. Carefully move to face away from the vines so that you're facing the inside of the object the vines are attached to and you can now freely move inside the object. There is currently only one vine wall that I have found this possible with so far. It currently only works with the vine wall in the East Hyrule Field. It's the vines that are attached to that small platform that the Golden Wolf sits atop when he's there. It's right next to the bridge that leads to Castle Town's main entrance, just shy of the warp point there. This spot is completely useless, but I'm still working on finding any other spots this glitch may be possible in. In the future, this glitch may lead to various sequence breaks or other things by getting out of bounds inside certain objects. I could really use all of your help with this glitch!

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