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Images from E3 2002. (39 images)

WW E3 01.jpg
WW E3 02.gif
What she says is somewhat different.
WW E3 03.jpg
WW oi sign.jpg
The Island of Beginnings? Interesting name.
WW E3 05.gif
WW E3 06.jpg
Pause screen looks pretty different. As you can see the D-pad served multiple functions. D-up took you to the map, D-right opened the item screen, D-down toggled the mini-map and D-left opened the Quest screen.
WW E3 07.jpg
WW E3 08.jpg
WW E3 09.jpg
WW E3 10.jpg
WW E3 11.jpg
Wooden Baricades instead of small trees, check the AR section for info on how to play Outset Island with these in place.
WW E3 12.jpg
WW E3 13.jpg
Enemies appear as red dots on the map.
WW E3 14.jpg
The Bokoblins are armed with sticks here, final version's are unarmed.
WW E3 15.gif
WW E3 16.gif
WW E3 17.gif
WW E3 18.jpg
Link bounces off the wall instead of sticking to it.
WW E3 19.jpg
One of those black holes.
WW E3 20.jpg
There's the Z icon flashing.
WW E3 21.jpg
The doors used to slide up instead of opening outwards.
WW E3 22.jpg
The Bokoblin is armed with a sword instead of a stick. Apparently these swords broke after a few hits.
WW E3 23.jpg
A different entrance cinema.
WW E3 24.jpg
WW E3 25.jpg
WW E3 26.jpg
WW E3 27.jpg
These originally cycled through red, orange and green and would drop hearts, item refills or rupees depending on what colour they were when you broke them.
WW E3 28.jpg
Here a Bokoblin jumps out of a pot on the other side and breaks down the barrier, this doesn't happen in the final version.
WW E3 29.jpg
WW E3 30.jpg
It appears you were able to take enemy weapons through doors at this time.
WW E3 31.jpg
WW E3 32.jpg
WW E3 33.jpg
Here the Grappling Hook could actually be used to damage enemies, it didn't steal items off them.
WW E3 34.jpg
WW E3 35.jpg
The E3 version of the Tingle Tuner.

It could only drop bombs, call Link and follow Link.

WW E3 36.jpg
WW E3 37.jpg
And the GCN Tingle icon.
WW E3 38.jpg
WW E3 39.jpg
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