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Images from SpaceWorld 2001. The revealing of celda. (19 images)

WW SW 01.jpg
This is just a setup where the Moblin busts through the door, it's highly unlikely it was actually part of the game, though it would be cool I think.
WW SW 02.jpg
Just like in early versions of OoT Link has brown sleeves on his tunic, these have been changed to light green in the final version.
WW SW 03.jpg
This doesn't really resemble any area in the final game, it looks like a path through a forest.
WW SW 04.jpg
The sword is on A (just like early OoT, anyone else seeing a pattern here?), B is used as the counter attack button, and probably the context sensitive button too. The Bow is on R, and was apparently analog (ie: the more you press the button the further the arrow shoots).
WW SW 05.jpg
Bombs and a hammer are on X and Y. Link's performing a counter attack on the Moblin here.
WW SW 06.jpg
Looks like the same area.
WW SW 07.jpg
WW SW 08.jpg
Another forest area, but I have no idea what's going on other than it has something to do with those little firefly things you see in Forest Haven.
WW SW 09.jpg
WW SW 10.jpg
Inside Forsaken Fortress probably, the layout's pretty different, and Link is sneaking. Map's on the right too.
WW SW 11.jpg
WW SW 12.jpg
WW SW 13.jpg
Another set piece.
WW SW 14.jpg
WW moblin4.jpg
WW SW 16.jpg
WW SW 17.gif
WW SW 18.gif
Here are hi-res versions of the item icons.
WW SW 19.gif
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