A Link to the Past Glitches - Alternate Death Mountain Descent

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This glitch needs to be cleaned up. The information may be vague, lacking details, or just messy in general.
Compatible Versions
? 1.0 1.1 1.2 GBA
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Discovered: Tropylium
Verified: No

This glitch is an application of a general glitch which allows Link to jump over certain ledges (borders that stop you from jumping down from a rock). You may have noticed that when walking against a northwest or northeast ledge, Link will "jitter" back and forth. Do this repeatedly at a corner where such a ledge meets a northern ledge, and you should be able to get Link to "pop" inside the corner. If the cliff continues downwards, Link will jump down if you continue to push northwest/northeast.


Access to Death Mountain & Magic Mirror. Moon Pearl is not required.


  1. Enter Death Mountain in the Light World.
  2. Make your way up the mountain and enter the warp to Dark World.
  3. Now in Dark World, make your way back down and to the east, to where the broken bridge used to be in Light World.
  4. Walk continuously into the northeastern corner of the platform. Link should "jitter" back and forth. Eventually, you'll find the correct position and "snap" into the corner.
  5. Keep pushing northeast. Link will jump down, onto the lava pits.
  6. Now walk as far south as possible. A lava stream will blocks Link's way.
  7. Use the Magic Mirror to teleport to Light World. Walk downwards, then re-enter the portal from the southwestern side. Do not move after you enter the portal.
  8. You should appear in Dark World on the other side of the obstructing lava stream. Walk south, and change screens normally at the far west side of the screen to enter Dark World's main area.


Same as Death Mountain Descent.

Sub-Glitch: Backwards Jumping

At stage 5, walk north. There will be a large span of rock separating the sky-background area of upper Death Mountain from the pits-background area of lower Death Mountain. Walking against the edge of this rock will cause Link to jump backwards, rather than forwards. (If you use the Mirror here, the area is identical in the Light World.) Running against the edge will cause a somewhat longer backwards jump, as will walking against it from top of the small rock in the pit.

Side Glitches

Other places where the ledge-jumping glitch can be performed include at least:

  • The same corner in Light World (you will be unable to escape the area north of the bridge)
  • The NW/N corner of the lower eastern Death Mountain outcropping, that contains a warp to Dark World under a black stone (from here you can enter the exact same pits area that the Death Mountain Descent tricks allow). This variant does not require the Magic Mirror — tho good luck getting on eastern Death Mountain without it ;-)
  • Several river bends east of Hyrule Castle / Pyramid of Power (jumping here results in Link being stuck in rocks)
  • The platform where Bombos is acquired
  • The river's shore just south of Waterfall of Wishing / Lake of Ill Omen

It will, however, not work on any of upper Death Mountain corners opening to empty sky. The cliffs here do not seem to be a "jumpable" type…

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