A Link to the Past Glitches - Four Sword Burglar

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Compatible Versions
? 1.0 1.1 1.2 GBA
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Discovered: Red Shifter
Verified: Yes


  • Access to Thieves' Town


  1. Enter Thieves' Town (Dark World dungeon 4).
  2. Arm the Master Glitch.
  3. Using only the ladders to move between higher and lower ground, make your way one screen north and one screen east, up to the northeasternmost corner of the destination room, without getting hit.
  4. Trigger the master glitch.
  5. Move two rooms right, to a room from B6F of the Ice Palace; then one screen south, into Kholdstare's boss chamber.
  6. Get the entire Kholdstare boss chamber into view, then move west one screen.


If you don't get stuck in the wall (this usually happens if you emerge in the wrong place or try moving the wrong way upon entering the room; all rooms with swimmable water have this tendency), you will jump into the water of the room of the Palace of the Four Sword south of the Arrghus II boss chamber. You may need to bring up the map in order to fix some of the graphics. If you head back to where a normal player would have entered this room from, you'll be able to explore the entire Palace of the Four Sword without having to have played Four Swords.


The video takes a slightly shorter path that omits Ice Palace rooms from the trek. However, attempting that path increases your chances of emerging in a place that gets you stuck in the wall or floor; following the steps above gives you a greater space in which to successfully complete the break-in. If you look at the area shown at 0:54 in the video, the optimal place to emerge is on the eastern wall as opposed to within the waterfall as actually shown.

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