A Link to the Past Glitches - Metamorphosis Fairy

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Compatible Versions
? 1.0 1.1 1.2 GBA
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Discovered: Unknown
Verified: Yes


  1. Do the Death Mountain Descent glitch, make sure you have at least one Fairy in a bottle with you and the Zora's Flippers.
  2. After you've done the Descent proceed to Kakariko Village, head downward through Kakariko Village and to the right, proceeding towards Link's House.
  3. Once you get there, move down to the "swamp", and go down to the section of the lake.
  4. When you're right next to the right-side of the lake, continue getting hit by the enemies until you are almost dead, then walk into the deep water.
  5. You should start blinking, continue pressing left(don't hold it down, but tap it to move a step at a time). Do it over and over until the screen scrolls. You will notice that the bunny(Link), will be "skating" on the water, stay on the water with about one heart left(actually, two hearts will do, just make sure one hit will be your last).
  6. While skating on the water get killed by an enemy with just ONE hit, you will fall down as Link, then the fairy will sprinkle her little pixie dust on you, making you come alive again.


If you do it incorrectly, the screen will become EXTREMELY glitchy, scrolling over and over, collecting "pieces" of the screen as it scrolls, and you will not have any control whatsoever. If this happens, press the Restart button, because it will go on and on and on for eternity.

If it does work though, instead of Link returning in bunny-form when the Fairy brings him back to life Link's ordinary form will return. You might want to save afterward. Getting killed or entering then exiting a building/cave will return you to Bunny form.

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