A Link to the Past Glitches - Reality Overlap III

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Compatible Versions
? 1.0 1.1 1.2 GBA
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Discovered: Unknown
Verified: Yes


  1. Perform the Master Glitch in the East Palace (for Light to Dark) Thieves's Town (for Dark to Light) or Hyrule Castle (before beating Aganahim 1, for Light to Dark)
  2. Search the Underworld for the East Palace or Death Mountain Caverns (if done from Thieves's Town), or Thieves's Town/ Dark Palace (if done from HC or East Palace)
  3. "Hop" into the room, jump from the wall to the ground. Link should now be visible.
  4. Leave the cave or dungeon. DO NOT USE THE MAGIC MIRROR WHILE IN THE CAVE OR DUNGEON!!! You will be teleported to the dungeon that you did the master glitch in and have to start over from step one.


You should now be in the Light World with Dark World music playing, or in the Dark World with Light World music playing.


This glitch can be used to access the Dark World early, as when the Magic Mirror is used in the glitch dark world, you are moved to the main Dark World. Also, the item giving faeries are swapped, the fat faerie is in the light world, the red shield faerie is in the dark. This can be used to get the silver arrows and the golden sword early.

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