A Link to the Past Glitches - Scrolling Shenanigans

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Compatible Versions
? 1.0 1.1 1.2 GBA
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Discovered: dvdmth
Verified: Yes


  1. Enter the Dark world and go to Skeleton Forest.
  2. Drop down the east most hole(1st screenshot) to enter the large room in the Skull Dungeon with three Gibdos, a Wall Master, several bumpers, spikes, a key in a chest and a keydoor in the northeast corner.
  3. Kill all the enemies and make sure the northen door is unlocked.
  4. Go in between the two bumpers that are almost touching each other near the north side of the room.
  5. Make sure Link is on the southern side of the pot between the bumpers, and as close to the pot as he can be, then face north.
  6. While facing north, press and hold B to charge a spin attack.
  7. Move sideways into one of the bumpers(the results of the glitch change depending on which one you bump into, see below for more info).
  8. After Link bounces off that bumper, but before he hits the other bumper, release B to perform the Spin Attack. (Timing has to be perfect - Link should be about halfway, possible a little farther, from one bumper to the next. It will definitely take several tries to get it right in many cases.)
  9. Exit through the northern door without touching any walls or pots. (Otherwise, the effect of the bumping may be lost.)


If all went well, the screen should scroll horizontally beyond the walls of the room. You will see the room containing the Fire Rod chest on BOTH sides of the room you're in.

Depending on which bumper you hit, and how many times you perform the glitch, you can achieve one of the three following results. For result 1, have Link hit the right bumper first. For result 2, have Link hit the left bumper first. Finally, for result 3, perform the glitch twice, using the same bumper as your starting point each time. Finally, you can undo the glitch simply by performing it again in the opposite direction you performed it previously.

(All directions are from the room you enter after leaving the bumper room.)


  • If you go west through the southern door, you will end up stuck in a wall and will have to use the mirror to get out.
  • If you travel through the northern passage instead, you will enter the "Glitch Zone" (See below).
  • Once in the Glitch Zone, the camera will no longer scroll abnormally, but it will foxus on the wrong room (not the room Link is actually in).
  • As you move around, you will see a "dummy" version of Link on the screen, with no shield. That is a graphical glitch and does not reflect Link's true position. (Use the map to confirm his actual location.)

Same as result 1, except:

  • When you enter the Glitch Zone, the camera will continue to scroll out of bounds. This lets you synchronize the camera back with Link by moving back and forth.
  • Some doorways will not work exactly the same as before, meaning it's easier for Link to get stuck in a wall (requiring you to use the mirror to get out).
  • Although you can synchronize the camera with Link, what you see is a "clone" of Link. He moves through the room normally and looks perfectly fine, but he cannot interact with anything very well (pots disappear, enemies go through him, switches don't activate, and many items won't work properly.)


  • When you pass through either doorway heading west, Link will end up in the room with the Fire Rod chest, as you would normally expect. However, the camera continues to scroll out of bounds. The game otherwise acts normally until you go through another door...
  • This is the effect you want for the Under-Underworld glitch.

THE GLITCH ZONE (These instructions assume you used result 1 above. If you used result 2, things will vary as doors won't always work the same [particularly in the latter stages of the exploration].)

Room #1: You are in the Big Key room. Camera focuses on room east of Big Key room. Head east to go to Room #2. Go south for Room #3.

Room #2: You are back in the room you were in right before entering the Glitch Zone. Camera focuses on room with Fire Rod chest. Go south to return to bumper room (you can redo the glitch for a different effect if desired at that point). Go west through northern passage to return to Room #2. Go west through southern passage to go to Room #3.

Room #3: This is the room where Link moves a statue onto a switch to open a doorway. You cannot go north because you cannot interact with the statue or switch. Camera focuses on room just west of Fire Rod treasure chest (which is also just east of where Link actually is). Go south to exit the dungeon altogether. Go west for Room #4.

Room #4: You are now in the room west of the Fire Rod room, with the camera focusing on the room you just left. (If the key door is still locked, Link will sometimes get stuck inside the door, forcing you to use the Magic Mirror.) Go east to return to Room #3, or go south for Room #5.

Room #5: Link is in the compass room (very difficult to navigate if you got the compass). Camera focuses on room west of compass room. Go north to return to Room #4. Go east for Room #6 or west for Room #7.

Room #6: Link is in the room west of the compass room, with the camera focused on the compass room itself. Unfortunately, Link is positioned right over a bottomless pit, so you can't do anything but fall repeatedly.

Room #7: This room is the room of the Swamp Palace (level 2) where Link goes through a waterfall to access a hidden doorawy. You can synchronize the camera to Link here (since the room is two screens wide), but you can't do anything else because Link is suspended in midair above the room's floor, making it impossible to go anywhere.

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