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Bottle Adventure: One man. One bottle. One ex-mask. Many weird corruptions.

Unbreakable Deku Stick: Use An Invisible Deku Stick that Never Breaks.

Deku Sword:Use the Great Fairy's Sword as Deku Link.

Bottled 4th Day: Play the game beyond the normal 3-day cycle with the use of bottle.
Weird B: Swap the B button action with something else.
Deku ISG II: The infinite sword glitch as Deku Link.

Down "A": Change button command.

Ghost Mode: Walk through interactive actors.

Gate of Flying: Use a gate to stand in the air.

Gorman's Secret Message: I AM ERROR.

Mask Storage: Delay transformation for interesting effects.

Bomber Skip: Skip the Bombers Code with Mask Storage.

Stop Time: Rather self-explanatory.

Song Storage: Play, walk and store!

Steal the Rod: Steal the rod by just walking out of fishing pond.

Space Traveler: Teleport for several seconds.

Use Restricted Items: Use any items that would normally be grayed out.

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