Ocarina of Time Master Quest

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Bonus Key: Get an extra small key in the Water Temple.

Self-Unlocking Door: A door that seemingly unlocks all by itself...

Chest Crate: Open a chest inside a crate.

Corridor's Shortcoming: Go through the corridor that isn't quite long enough.

Hydro Lift: Use a water jet to get beyond the walls of a room.

Hydro Lift II: There's a water jet in the Spirit temple too.

Master's Skulltula Lockup: Lock the game up in the Spirit temple.

Hydro Lift III: Get through a water jet in Lord Jabu-Jabu.

Independent Quest: Travel forwards in time without meeting Zelda.

Like-Like Paralyzation: Get Link permanently frozen from a Like-Like.

Master's Ladder Lock: Lock the game in Dodongo's Cavern.

Pointless Death: Get crushed to death by a vanishing block.

Problematic Cows: "Freeze" a cow inside Lord Jabu-Jabu.

Problematic Cows II: Sounds where they shouldn't be.

Problematic Cows III: Receive one cow's milk from a different cow.

Problematic Cows IV: Get trapped in a room by a cow.

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