Twilight Princess Glitches - Attack of the Clones

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Compatible Versions
? GCN Wii HD
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Discovered: The Link Between Worlds
Verified: Yes


  1. Enter the Eldin Province Hyrule Field in the twilight to chase after King Bulblin with Epona.
  2. As soon as you get there, the cutscene will start. Immediately start CD Streaming.
  3. Skip the rest of the cutscene.
  4. Now you'll be stuck at a black screen until the game fully loads. Once it does, resume CD-Streaming.
  5. The battle should start. Now let the game fully load.


If done correctly, you should instantly notice that the game has started to lag... a lot........... Now wait for the Goblins riding their Bulblins to come towards you and hit a Goblin to knock it off its Bulblin. You will now see like 50 or more Goblins all fly off that one Goblin all at once! The more you kill, the more the game's lag is reduced. Once you're back to the normal amount of 8 Goblins, the game runs at its normal speed, with no lag.

This glitch does not clone King Bulblin OR any Bulblins, just the Goblins riding the Bulblins.

You can do what I call, "Remote Control Bulblins". What this does is it makes the Bulblins never stop chasing you, even after you've let the game fully load and they've got Goblins on their backs. The Goblins will never be able to control the Bulblins movements at all. To do this, don't stop CD-Streaming after gaining control of Link. Instead, ride Epona into the Bulblins that are a little bit behind where you first started the battle. You will notice that the Goblins that will later be on their backs once the game has loaded are currently unloaded, but the Bulblins are their. Just slam into some of them. This gets them mad and they start chasing you. Once you're being chased, let the game fully load. Now you've done it.

If you die after you've actor cloned, you will have to do the glitch again from the start.


This glitch may have some other uses in the future. Right now, I've only found it possible during the King Bulblin fight. I've tried to clone other things and enemies like lose Rupees, Pieces of Hearts/Heart Containers, Hearts, all the common enemies throughout the Hyrule Fields, and even Poe Souls and Poes themselves, but none of them work. I'm still currently working on this glitch, but it would be great if I had more people exploring this glitch. There are so many things we can try with this glitch and some can come VERY useful for us, like infinite Heart Pieces, infinite Rupees, and infinite Poe Souls. You may also be able to clone Golden Wolfs this way. I haven't worked at all with them yet. If we can clone them, then we may be able to learn the same Hidden Skill more than once. This may have some interesting results.

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