Twilight Princess Glitches - City In The Sky Early

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Compatible Versions
? GCN Wii HD
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Discovered: Unknown
Verified: Yes


All you need is the Master Sword.


  1. Head to Kakariko Village and go into the Sanctuary (Where Ilia is).
  2. Head down to the room with the statue blocking the cannon.
  3. If you have the GC version of the game, face the left side of the statue. If you are using the Wii version, face the right side of the statue.
  4. Be prepared to transform. You must get the angle to transform exactly correct or you'll be pushed out.
  5. If you do this correctly you will not be pushed out and be able to get the cannon early!
  6. To actually teleport the cannon, you must do a manual teleport (On Wii, press 1 then press the d-pad up. On GC, press d-pad right and then Z. If you choose not to and do a normal teleport then the game will think Shad is near (See Shad Game Save Infinite Loop).


You will gain access to the City in the Sky early.

Sub Glitched Results

  • If you ask Fyer to repair the cannon before you give him Auru's Note, Fyer will not see the cannon (apparently the game code is stuck in a loop that won't end until you give Fyer Auru's Note).
  • If you attempt this glitch prior to restoring power to the Dominion Rod, you will be unable to do so, as Shad will no longer be present in order to say the spell that restores the Dominion Rod. This, in turn, leaves you unable to 100% complete the game, as the Dominion Rod is required to get a Small Key in Hyrule Castle, and all Small Keys must be obtained in order to access the castle's treasure room; likewise, the Dominion Rod is also required to get past room 31 of the Cave of Ordeals, meaning a too-early sequence break will leave you unable to acquire fairies at the Lanayru Spring as well and acquire the Great Fairy's Tears more than once.


  • Works on Wii U version, tested in Hero Mode, will probably work in Regular Mode (Not Yet Confirmed).
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