Twilight Princess Glitches - Shad Game Save Infinite Loop

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If you perform this glitch your file will be in a endless loop forever and you have to start a new game to get out of there. Backup your file before trying this glitch.
Compatible Versions
? GCN Wii HD
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Discovered: Unknown
Verified: Yes


  1. Perform the City In The Sky Early glitch or beat the Temple of Time so you have access to the Cannon.
  2. Go to the Cannon so that Midna is floating over the cannon and that the screen shows the "Warp" and "Speak to Midna" options.
  3. Save the game and reload your saved game file.


You will be in the cannon room. If you try to warp yourself or the cannon Minda will say that Shad is watching you. If you try to leave the room the camera will look at Shad and he will say something like "(Players Name) where are you going?". Look around, Shad is nowhere to be seen! He isn't loaded! Your save file will be stuck like this forever and unless you backup your file before trying this you will have to start a new game to progress.


  • Nintendo of America has fixed this glitch in newer versions of the Wii version of Twilight Princess.
  • In the GCN version, following the steps above will reload Shad into the room when the file is loaded, even if you talked to Shad prior to saving the game, thus unloading him from the room at that time. This minor rollbacking of game progress is a minor side effect of fixing this glitch.
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