Twilight Princess Glitches - Early Kakariko Village

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Compatible Versions
? GCN Wii HD
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Discovered: The Link Between Worlds
Verified: Yes


  1. From the beginning of the game, do the Rock into a Gate glitch to get to Faron Woods early.
  2. Once in Faron Woods, use the Horse Call grass to call Epona.
  3. Jump over the gate there and head to the Lantern Cavern there. Have Epona turn around so that she faces the tunnel that's directly across from the Lantern Cavern. Then dismount her.
  4. Then do the Early Hyrule Field (New Swordless Method) glitch to get to Hyrule Field early.
  5. Once in Hyrule Field, go to the Wall of Twilight that coats the Eldin Province in twilight, as if you were going to Kakariko Gorge.
  6. Now do the Early Lanayru Province (CD-Stream Route)(No Twilight) glitch to get to the Lanayru Province early.
  7. Once in the Lanayru Province early with no twilight, continue CD-Streaming all the way past the Great Hylian Bridge that goes over Lake Hylia. Once you are past the bridge, let the game partially load exactly 5 times. Now ride through the massive "green wall" of twilight you see there and go to "Spinner Ally", which is the area of Hyrule Field that has multiple Spinner tracks to ride on along the walls of the path. The bomb rocks that should be there are unloaded, but the ground around and behind them is loaded along with the walls up to a certain point.
  8. With the bomb rocks unloaded, ride Epona to the end of the loaded ground there, then let the game partially load exactly 2 times.
  9. With the next part partially loaded, continue to ride Epona down more of the trail until you reach the end of loaded ground. Here, let the game partially load exactly 2 times. Now this partially loads the next part of Hyrule Field.
  10. With this next part of Hyrule Field loaded, ride Epona all the way across it, heading towards the Bridge of Eldin in the Eldin Province. Once you reach the end of loaded ground here, let the game partially load 4 or 5 times, as many times as it takes to make the rest of the ground ahead of you loaded.
  11. With the next area loaded, resume riding Epona further along this path here, heading to the Eldin Province. Once you reach the end of the loaded ground, which is where the Wall of Twilight should be, the Wall of Twilight should be unloaded at the mean time. With it unloaded and while still CD-Streaming, ride Epona off the edge of loaded ground and around the wall to the left (to the right on the Gamecube). Then turn around so that you're facing away from the unloaded Eldin Province and ride Epona a bit forward, until you reach the first turn in the wall here. Once you reach this first turn in the wall, let the game fully load, then continue to CD-Stream. The disk should no longer be spinning in the system.
  12. While the disk is motionless, ride Epona along side the edge of the wall here on your side and stop a little before reach the turn in the wall. You should now hear the disk start to spin in the system.
  13. Now let the game fully load one last time. Once it is fully loaded, continue to CD-Stream. Then ride Epona away from the wall that you just rode against the side of for about 30 seconds, then turn so that you're facing the Wall of Twilight and ride past the side of the Wall of Twilight. You should now see that some of the Eldin Province is now loaded.
  14. With it partially loaded like this, ride Epona AROUND the Hidden Village loading zone you see a bit below you to the end of the loaded pathway. Now face the loaded path way while you are in front of it and ride Epona over it. This then causes you to fall down onto the solid pathway.
  15. Once on the solid ground, let the game fully load one final time. This then causes the rest of the Eldin Province to load.
  16. Now ride Epona past the Bridge of Eldin, heading to Kakariko Village. BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY ENTER KAKARIKO VILLAGE RIGHT NOW, DISMOUNT EPONA!!!!!!! You must dismount her and walk into Kakariko Village on your own because riding Epona into Kakariko Village with you causes the game to never stop loading Kakariko Village, thus causing you to restart all over again.


After you've walked into Kakariko Village, you will now be in Kakariko Village early in the Twilight as a human. You won't be able to get past the gate here, so to get to the other side of Kakariko Village, simply save and restart in Kakariko Village. Once you resume this Early Kakariko Village save file, you will start on the other side of the village. Once on the other side you can do all of the following:

  • Kill the 3 Twilt Beasts here in Kakariko Village to get the warp point.
  • Get the Vessel of Light from the fairy there, but you will not be able to collect any Tear Drops because you don't have your senses, so you would not be able to see the Twilt Bugs.
  • Enter any of the buildings, but the game may put you in a never ending cutscene sometimes whenever you exit a building, just like what happens when you get here after defeating King Bulblin during the Back in Time glitch!
  • You can enter Death Mountain and kill those 4 Twilt Beasts to get the Death Mountain warp point.
  • Best of all!!! You can battle King Bulblin early!!! It's what I call the "Forward in Time" glitch!! In order to battle King Bulblin early here, simply leave Kakariko Village and head to the Kakariko Gorge. Walk up to the fence there and Midna (who you have not yet met) will come out of no where and start talking to you like she normally would after you get to this gate from the other side after getting past the bridge there. Then after the dialogue, you will automatically be entered into Kakariko Village, instantly starting the cutscene where you see King Bulblin invading Kakariko Village and he takes Colon. There are a couple visual oddities with this cutscene. 1. You are a human in the twilight and all of the humans you see during this cutscene are humans, even though they should all be spirits since they're in the twilight. And 2. When it shows Link entering Kakariko Village from the gorge to chase after King Bulblin, he's riding an 'invisible' horse. Since Epona's not allowed in the twilight, she's invisible during the cutscene. However after the cutscene ends and you have control of Link again, you are on visible Epona in Twilight Kakariko Village. Now to battle King Bulblin, simply jump over the locked gate at the other end of the village and ride her into Hyrule Field there. Then you instantly start the cutscene during the King Bulblin battle! If you do this swordless however, you will not be able to defeat him, since you do not have a sword to attack him with, thus making him impossible to kill. If you do this with a sword, after you beat him, you will return to Twilight Kakariko Village once again. You won't be able to do anything new here other than to watch the odd cutscene of humans being in the twilight rather than them being little blue spirits and Link not being a wolf that you couldn't have done before the battle with King Bulblin.


  • If you ride Epona into any of the loading zones here in Kakariko Village after the defeat of King Bulblin, the game will never stop loading.
  • If you jump over the locked gate with Epona, then dismount her once past it and then walk into Hyrule Field, you will enter Hyrule Field as normal while still in the twilight. If you head over to the Lanayru Wall of Twilight from Twilight Kakariko Village, you will automatically walk into it forever, like you would if you were to do the same exact thing, but during the Back in Time glitch. This will then cause you to restart your game.
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