Twilight Princess Glitches - Forward in Time

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Compatible Versions
? GCN Wii HD
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Discovered: The Link Between Worlds
Verified: Yes


  1. Do the Twilight Princess Glitches - Early Kakariko Village glitch.
  2. Then enter Kakariko Gorge from Kakariko Village.
  3. From Kakariko Gorge, simply walk up to the locked fence ahead. Midna will now come out and tell you about the dig spot there at the fence, as if you were on the other side of the gate.
  4. Close Midna's dialogue box and you will instantly enter Kakariko Village automatically. As soon as you enter Kakariko Village, you will start the King Bulblin cutscene.
  5. Watch or skip the King Bulblin cutscene. Afterwards, mount Epona and jump over the fence at the other end of Kakariko Village to chase after King Bulblin.


You will now enter Eldin Hyrule Field and instantly start the King Bulblin battle cutscene. Watch or skip the cutscene to start the battle with King Bulblin. You will now be batteling King Bulblin early!


  • The King Bulblin cutscene just before the fight that takes place in Kakariko Village will be really glitched. For one, it will be in the twilight. For two, the humans and King Bulblin in the cutscene will appear as normal when they're in the twilight, even though they should all be blue spirits due to them being in the twilight, maybe with the exception of King Bulblin. And three, when Link shows up near the end of the cutscene on Epona from Kakariko Gorge on Epona, Epona will be invisible, so Link is riding an invisible horse, but after the cutscene, Epona is visible and Link is able to mount her as normal. And on top of all this... you're a human in the twilight, instead of a wolf AND with Epona. Pretty weird, but rather amusing.
  • If you get to Kakariko Village early before entering Twilight Faron Woods, or even before meeting any of the kids, you will see the kids AND King Bulblin before you have even met them, so a major oddity there.
  • If you do get to Kakariko Village early and then do this glitch before getting the Wooden Sword or without doing this on a Back in Time save file, you will be unable to defeat King Bulblin due to you not having anything that can damage him. This will cause you to restart.
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