Twilight Princess Glitches - Multiple Fishing Rods

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Compatible Versions
? GCN Wii HD
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Discovered: KingAfter77
Verified: Yes


  1. Go to an area with long enough vines to be able to drop from them, then regrab them in mid-fall (the vine above Fado's house in Ordon Village is a good place).
  2. Either Clawshot up to the vines or simply climb them from the ground.
  3. Now, equip the Fishing Rod to the B button, if you used the Clawshot, ensure that you still have it somewhere else on the D-Pad when you have the Fishing Rod on B.
  4. Then drop off the vines by pressing A.
  5. As soon as you start to fall, very, very quickly press the B button to pull out your Fishing Rod.
  6. A split second after you pull out your Fishing Rod, quickly press the A button to regrab the vines while in mid-fall. If done with the right timing, Link should grab the vines with only one hand, rather than two and still have the Fishing Rod in the other hand. Then when Link has both hands on the vines, you should see the wooden part of the rod across the wall.
  7. Drop down the vines and use your Fishing Rod.


If done correctly, Link should now have two Fishing Rods at once! You can get as many Fishing Rods as you want by repeating steps 2-7 as many times as you like. This glitch allows you to do the Twilight Princess Glitches - Teleport/Levitate Glitch.


  • The extra fishing rod is permanently stuck in Link's hand, even while he uses another item, transforms into wolf, or mounts Epona.
  • To return to normal, leave the area.
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