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  • You must not have obtained the IN-credible Chart.
  • You must have at least the first wallet upgrade (1000 rupee capacity).
  • You also must have bailed Tingle out of Windfall Jail.


  1. Find any Triforce Chart. The easiest to get to is at Bird's Peak Rock, which simply requires a Hyoi Pear.
  2. Go to get it deciphered from Tingle at Tingle Island.


After deciphering the chart, Tingle will say that he marked the Triforce Piece location on your IN-credible Chart, yet you don't have the chart!


This behavior may be due to an assumption by the programmers that players wouldn't start looking for Triforce Charts until the King of Red Lions first talks about the Triforce of Courage (the point when the IN-credible Chart is sent), despite the fact that four of the Triforce Charts can be obtained prior to that point; this is despite the game having a check at that point that varies the King of Red Lions's dialogue based on whether or not you already have Triforce knowledge. As such, Tingle's post-deciphering response was written only one way, to assume the player has the IN-credible Chart even if they do not.

It should be noted, however, that if a player obtains a Triforce Chart or obtains the Triforce Shard tied to a deciphered chart prior to obtaining the IN-credible Chart, such progress is still properly marked off upon actually obtaining the IN-credible Chart. This provides an in-game explaination to the anomaly, implying that Tingle is updating the IN-credible Chart while still in his possession.

Tingle's post-deciphering dialogue was altered in the HD remaster to no longer reference the IN-Credible Chart; this is presumably due to the fact that the three Triforce Charts that weren't removed and replaced by the shards they originally led to are all obtainable prior to obtaining the IN-Credible Chart.

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