Wind Waker Glitches - Swap Stop n Go

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Discovered: Pikachu
Verified: No


  • You must not have completed the forest revival sidequest.
  • You need two or more bottles with contents inside, one of which must contain Forest Water.


  1. Embark on the forest revival sidequest and water at least one of the withered trees planted by the Koroks, but leaving at least one of those trees still withered.
  2. Equip a bottle filled with something other than Forest Water (the "first bottle"), then Stop 'n Swap that bottle for the Forest Water (the "second bottle").
  3. When the game unpauses, the game will use the item in the first bottle, but empty the second bottle.


Once the Forest Water has been emptied by the Stop 'n Swap during the sidequest, the icons denoting the Koroks' forests will return to their lightened state; however, any trees watered before the Stop 'n Swap will retain their green icons, allowing you to see a lightened green icon not possible in normal game play. Even if Stop 'n Swap removes the contents of a Forest Water bottle prematurely, the timer associated with that bottle will continue to tick, and will even save to a file if the game is saved during such an event. Talking to a Korok whose forest has been restored after the bottle was emptied in this way will show that the time is still counting down even though you no longer have the Forest Water. Once the glitch's effects are armed, you can:

  • Wait for the timer to run out. If you load a watered tree after the time runs out, that tree--but only that tree--will return to a withered state.
  • Get a new bottle of Forest Water. Doing so will reset the timer to 20 minutes, but retain all remaining watered tree progress from before the glitch was armed. This essentially lets you cheat at the forest revival sidequest, since you're supposed to water all eight trees with the same bottle.
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