Link's Awakening Miscellaneous Glitches

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Aerial Items: Use the pegasus boots use anything in the air.

Bad Map: A map that says you're somewhere you aren't.

Cheap Cheat: Save money on big purchases.

Color Tunic: Change your color tunic, but in a different way.

Cornerstones: Corners that are actually door concealing stones.

Disappearing Dodongo: The Dodongos that need each other to keep living.

File Corruption: Corrupt your save files and roll back game time.

Fishing Pond Glitching: Reel fishes infinitely!

Freeze the Blocks: Freeze the blocks in the Eagle's Tower.

Heart Freeze: Use a Piece of Heart to freeze the game.

I Got a Rock: Pick up a rock in front of a Piece of Heart.

Kennel World: Behind the kennel door a glitchy new world awaits.

Infinite Sword Beam:The sword beam that keeps looping.
Kennel Freeze:Freeze the game by trying to go somewhere.
KW/Corrupted Hearts: Corrupt graphics on the whole game by collecting more than 20 Heart Containers.

Level 3 Shield: Get a glitch shield.

Lucky Fish: Get more rupees than promised.

Mischievous Magic Rod: Ignite a cucco without hitting it!

Moldorm Glitch World: Enter a glitch world from the Moldorm's room.

No Fishing: Walk around in the Fishing Pond.

On the Spot Running: Run without moving.

Trap Stopper: Stop a red Blade Trap in its tracks!

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