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You may not know it but there is more than one version of Majora's Mask. The newer the version, the fewer the number of glitches that can be performed. It's helpful to know which version you have so that you don't sit there for hours trying to do a glitch that you can't actually do on your version, all the glitches on this site will tell you which version of the game you need to do them, so all you need to know is what version you have, which is what this page is for.

There are multiple versions of Majora's Mask:

  • JPN v1.0: The original Japanese release of Majora's Mask.
  • JPN v1.1: Patched version of JPN v1.0 to fix some few loose ends and oddities. (Notably many music related issues.)
  • USA: The one and only release of Majora's Mask in the USA. No bugs were fixed for the Virtual Console release.
  • PAL v1.0: The original Europe release of Majora's Mask.
  • PAL v1.1: Patched version of PAL v1.0 to fix some few loose ends and oddities. (Supposedly, this only applies to the French version which fixed many spelling and grammar mistakes.)

Because the v1.1 releases are just either bug fixes and or grammar/spelling fixes, there will be no need to add a v1.0 and v1.1 for the current glitch header.

3DS Version

MM3D currently has 2 versions:

  • V1.0:The Original release of MM3D
  • V1.1:Fixes a few bugs related to Bottle duping and the Honey and Darling minigames.

The updates can be downloaded at the E-shop and can be deleted at any time unless the game already has the update itself.

Version differences between JPN and USA

This section is just to note some interesting differences between the two versions. Credit goes to darkeye14 for making a video on these differences.

Description JPN USA
Number of Save Files 3 2
Number of Character Sets 3 1
File Status Screen Elements Number of times you traveled back and boss remains. Number of Rupees, Number of Heart Pieces, Current Health, Number of Masks you have and boss remains.
Owl Saves No Yes
Scarecrow teachs you SODT and ISOT No Yes
You can run around in the "Your notes have echoed far..." message Yes No
100 Rupee chest was moved a bit forward in East Clock Town No Yes
The Marine Research Lab ledge is low enough to grab No Yes
Mikau has a "Grab" action No Yes
Putting on a transformation mask faces Link to the camera Yes No
0'o Clock Yes No (12'o Clock)
Last Day Yes No (Final Day)
Shortcut between barred window and Hookshot in Pirate Hideout Yes No
Barrels replaced with targets and pots in Oceanside House No Yes
The waterwheel is dependent on when you freeze the water stream Yes No (It will always be perfectly aligned.)
Block switches on Stone Tower Temple entrance were added No Yes
Bombers make noise when you chase them No Yes
Dekus in Deku Chamber rustle No Yes
The intro of the shop music was cut out No (Sounds like OOT shop music) Yes
Deku Princess sounds cut out No Yes (Most of them)
Changing areas causes music to restart Yes No

Text differences between different MM versions

Between the N64 USA and N64 PAL there were alot of text differences. And these even got changed for the gamecube re-releases. Special thanks goes to darkeye14 again for his outstanding job on finding these differences. Video can be viewed here. If you do not wish to watch the video, he has made a huge image with these differences. Medium and High quality respectively.

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