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The Crooked Cartridge trick can delete your saved games, ruin the game cartridge, or even render your Nintendo 64 useless! Use this trick at your own risk!
Compatible Versions
? 1.0 1.1 1.2 GCN MQ 3DS
Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png
Discovered: T-Dog
Verified: Yes


During normal play, while keeping the right side of the game cartridge pushed down, pull slowly up on the left side of the cartridge until Link starts flickering all over the screen and the sound becomes distorted and fuzzy. If you pull the cartridge out too far, or if you keep the cartridge pulled out for too long, the game will crash. Quite often when attempting this trick the game will simply crash. To prevent the game from crashing make Link run around while pulling up on the cartridge; the faster Link is moving, the less likely the game is to crash -- usually. Now when you have got it to the point where the sound is distorted and Link is jumping all over the place you can, among other odd things, run straight through rocks and people (see Actors).

For obvious reasons this does not work on the GCN, MQ, Virtual Console, or 3DS versions of the game.


Chamber Child: Get Child Link into the Chamber of Sages.

Corrupted game: Corrupt your save game files.

Error without Crash: Produce a debugable error without crashing the game.

Fairy Adult: Get and have the Fairy Ocarina as adult Link.

Japanese Text: See Japanese text in the English version.

Lose Navi: Get Navi stuck anywhere in the game you want.

Screwed Sky: Corrupt the sky texture.

Solid Ground?: Fall through seemingly solid ground.

Speech Oddities: Get people to say weird things.

Swordless(A) Link: Get swordless Link in versions 1.1 and 1.2.

Swordless(C) Link: Escape Kokiri forest without the Kokiri sword.

Teleporting Link: Go through floors, walls, roofs etc.

Things to do: Interesting but unimportant things you can do with CC.

URA Zelda: See what a URA Zelda saved game looks like.

Z64 GLD's Crap Code: See screens and screens of useless text and more.

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