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21 12 Stereoscopic Bottles: 21 12 Bottles in the third dimension!

Armed Link: Start a new game with link already armed with a sword.

Link the Ocarina Thief: Steal one of Hyrule's most prized possessions from the Princess herself!

Bottle Break: Break the game out of further progression by permanently turning bombs into a bottle.

Death Hole Wrong Warp: Use a hole to go to different areas than usual.

Ganon as Young Link Death Hole Method: Use the Death Hole Wrong Warp Glitch to fight Ganon as Young Link!
Young Master Sword: Get the Master Sword as Young Link!

Doom Jump: Launch yourself very high in the sky to reach many out of bounds areas, do various sequence breaks, or get into unloaded areas!

Early Shadow Temple: Enter the Shadow Temple long before you're normally supposed to.
Stuck in a Tunnel: Get Link stuck in a tunnel.

False Sword: Have the Biggoron Sword equipped but have the Master Sword out.

Hammer Hover: Slide across long distances to sequence break several things.

Hookshot/Longshot Clip: Clip through walls using the hookshot.

Jabu-Jabu's Belly as an Adult: Get into Jabu-Jabu's Belly easily as an adult.

Ocarina Items 3D: Ocarina Items in the third dimension!

Odd Entry: Enter a doorway without getting near it.

Secret Colored Gauntlets: Change the color of your gauntlets on the 3DS.

Squeaky Bottle-Boots: Have your boots act like bottles... at least until you open the Submenu.

Triple Slash Clip: Get a boost backwards, and clip through many angles!

Bottom of the Well Early, TSC Method‎: Get below the well by Triple Slashing through the wall.
Alternate Bottom of the Well TSC Method: Get below the well using a TSC in a different location.
Time Traveling Bazaar Boy: Break the Space-Time Continuum and enter the Hyrule Castle Town Bazaar in Kakariko Village seven years later

Use Restricted Items: Use any items that would normally be grayed out.

Steal the Rod RI Method: Steal the Rod using the Restricted Items glitch.
Swordless Link Steal the Rod Method: Become swordless by stealing the rod.
Use Farore's Wind Anywhere: Use the warping power outside the dungeons without the aid of Epona.
Bottle on B 3DS: As the name implies, get a bottle on the B button.
Farore's title: Get to the Title screen with Farore's Wind.
Multiple Master Swords: The old Multiple Master Swords glitch, just an altered method to get it to work on the 3DS
Skip Ganondorf: With the proper know-how, you too can fight the beast form from anywhere.
Steal The Rod Using Farore's Wind: Steal the rod by warping out of fishing pond.
Swordless Link Using Farore's Wind: Get swordless by warping out of the final battle!
Unrestricted Camera Glitch: Have a free-looking camera anywhere it would normally be fixed.
Zelda's Time-Shattering Illusion: Meet Zelda after she rode off with Impa from the castle.

Underwater Camera: Make the camera appear to be underwater.

Unloaded Upper Zora's River: Using the Hover Boots and a leaf platform, you can unload the second part of Zora's River.

Waterfall Cutscene Skip: Skip the Zora's River waterfall to save about 30 seconds each time, which can be useful for speed runs.

Zora Corner Clip: Clip your way through a corner in Zora's Domain and get under the ice.

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