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The Swordless Link glitch allows you to play the game with no sword equipped. For reasons that are presently unknown, playing the game while swordless allows you to use C-Items while riding Epona; numerous oddities can result from this, ranging from defying the game physics to glitching the weather in an area.

Standard Method

Compatible Versions
? 1.0 1.1 1.2 GCN MQ 3DS
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Discovered: T-Dog
Verified: Yes


This is simple; get up to the final battle with Ganon. When he knocks the Master Sword out of Link's hands, save the game and reset. You will start on the first floor of Ganon's Tower with the B button blank. Go outside, call Epona and get on her, now you can use the c-button items while riding on her.

Alternately, for other versions, try one of the methods below.

Ocarina Items Method

3DS Method

Other Methods


Antigravity Link: Make Link float through the air like he's on the moon.

Any Time Obstacle: Get any time on the LLR obstacle course.

Archery Crash: Freeze up the game in the Gerudo Archery course.

Aquatic Ocarina: Play your Ocarina under water.

Clear Ocarina: Make music out of...thin air?

Deku Sword: Get a Deku Stick on B.

Deku Sword II: Another method of getting a Deku Stick on B.

Disappearing Gerudos: Check out the Gerudo Fortress with no Gerudos.

First Person View: Run around Hyrule in first person view.

Flying Link: Fly around, and out of, areas using the Hookshot/Longshot.

High Horse: Make Link hover above Epona.

Horseridden: Get stuck on Epona with not a lot to do.

Air Tread: Tread air while in Epona.

Lon-Lon Oddity: Make Epona leave Lon-Lon Ranch without Link.

Moonwalking Epona: Epona does her best MJ impression.

No Epona: Remove Epona and Link from the bridge jumping cinema.

No 'Z' trigger: Disable the 'Z' button giving you no control over the camera.

Pack Horse: Use Epona to transport carryable objects.

Poe Link: Walk through people, signs etc.

Purple Haze: View purple mist in Lon-Lon Ranch.

3D Fog: Fog up Lon Lon Ranch 3DS style.
Crazy Colours: Remove textures and distort colors in Lon-Lon Ranch.
Red Haze: Get a red haze during the Obstacle course/Archery challenge.
Blue Haze: Fill the Gerudo Archery range with thick blue fog.

Riding in the sky: Remove the textures in Gerudo Fortress/Archery range.

Teleport Everywhere: Use Farore´s Wind almost anywhere.

Underground Link: Get Link to swim in water underneath the ground.

Under Zora's Ice: Get under the ice in Zora's domain as an adult.

Walking While Locking: Walk around while Z Targeting - in addition to screwing up the camera and making A say "Talk".

Weird Ocarina: Fall through the ground, teleport and crash the game.

Reverse Climb: Climb up but move down.
Armed and Ready: Hold your Hook/Longshot at the ready before you.

Wet Audio: Make things sound like they're underwater while on land.

Wet Ground: Land on ground that sounds like water.

Zombie Link: Walk around while dead.

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