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Compatible Versions
? Original 3DS
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Discovered: Unknown
Verified: Yes


Note: This can be done on the Virtual Console version of the game.

  1. Call and mount Epona. Ride to Milk Road or the Swamp area where there is an Owl statue. The glitch will not work if you do not ride her into the area where the Owl statue is, and if, at any time, you dismount Epona or pause the game, the glitch will end or fail to work.
  2. Z-Target the Owl statue and choose to save.
  3. Open the file you just saved.
  4. You should still be on Epona in front of the statue; she should walk a few steps then stop. If you are not on Epona at this point, retry.


While riding Epona, you may now use whatever items you had equipped to a C-button before doing this glitch. You can't equip new ones, though (because you can't pause without ending the glitch).

For a full list of what can and can't be used, click here.


First of all, the reason you must enter the area on horseback is that if you don't and then save, you'll reappear without Epona. The game uses the state you entered the area in for the save, which is why you must ride in.

Now, the reason why the glitch occurs appears to be a programming error. When you reload the saved game, the game remembers you were on Epona and so puts you on horseback. Normally, when you load a game saved at an Owl Statue, you get a short text by the Owl Statue which initializes everything, but at the same time, since you're on Epona, the game intends to move you forward. This move takes priority over the Owl Statue speech, so the C-Buttons are not disabled and you can use them on Epona.


Banker's Rejection: Skip rewards from a rupee deposit.

Defy Tatl: Ride Epona as any of Link's forms.

Nut B: Put the Deku Nuts on B.
Secret Item: Get an item on B.
Pointless Drowning: Drown Zora Link.
Unforge the Sword: Turn the Gilded sword back into the Kokiri sword.

Epona Anywhere: Ride Epona almost anywhere in the game.

FD Link Anywhere: Be FD Link anywhere from as early as day 1.

Housetrained Horse: Ride Epona inside a few ranch buildings.

Midair Link: Make Link hover in midair.

Boss Fog: Get a red fog in Odolwa's room.
Glitch Temple: Red haze, game crashes and a strange warp all in one place.
Grotto Epona: Get Epona into an underground Grotto.
Mayor's Warp: Appear inside the Mayor's residence.
Magical Madam: Madam Aroma appears out of thin air.
Mayor's Frustration: An advanced way to delete your file.
Mayor's Frustration II: A slightly different way to delete your file.
Mayor of Time: Go back in time ending up in wherever you were.
Mayor's Razor Sword: Bring the Razor Sword with you to the 1st Day.
Wrong Sky: The sky changes to that of the next day when going back in time.
Mayor's Horse Warp: Appear inside the Mayor's residence on Epona.
Shrine Freeze: Lock up the game in the Goron shrine.
Void Exploration: Run around on Epona in a "void".

What's the Password?: Obtain the Bombers' Notebook without registering the Bomber kids.

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