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12 Hour Time Traveler: Travel back in time 12 hours.

1st Person Deku: Run around in first person view as Deku Link.

1st Person Deku II: Run around in first person view in the Swamp.
Stuck Camera: Make the camera refuse to move.
1st Person Deku III: Run around in first person view in Termina Field.
1st Person Deku IV: Run around in first person view in Zora Cape.

3rd Person Pictos: Take Pictographs from 3rd person instead of 1st.

40 Minute Cinema: Make the cinema showing Kafei running back to Clocktown last for over 40 minutes.

45 Bottles: Have 45 bottles.

Bottle Corruption: Make strange things happen.

90 - Degrees Camera: Have the camera capture a side view of Link on an edge.

Air Surfing: Swim in air.

Air Walker: Walk on air.

All Item Deku: Use any c-button item as Deku Link.

Alternate Ranch: Get into an alternate version of the ranch.

Angry Plant: A plant that won't stop jumping.

Arctic Explorer: Go beyond the murky waters in part of Great Bay.

Astral Observatory Interior: No, not the real one.

Auto Flip: Have the Stone Tower flip itself upside down.

Backwards: Get on top of the conveyer belt in Sakon's hideout.

Bad Classification: Get Tatl to indicate a person as an enemy.

Bad Music: Have the music not change over properly.

Bad Voiceover: Hear the wrong scream, for a second.

Beyond the Walls: Go beyond East Clocktown's walls.

Equipment Mismatch: Use the wrong items in Honey & Darling's games.

Beyond the Walls II: Go beyond East Clocktown's walls with just the Zora Mask.

Blue Mist: Fill almost any area in the game with thick blue mist.

Red Mist: A red mist spreads over the land.

Boat Cruise Time Stop: Stop time during the boat cruise.

Boat Cruise without Reviving Koume: Take the boat cruise without reviving Koume earlier in the same cycle.

Bombslide: Go Bombsliding!

Bonus Time: Get an extra 24 hours every "3" day cycle.

Bowl Squeeze: Use a Large Soup Bowl to go through a wall.

Bright Lights: Brighten up Clocktown on the 2nd day.

Broken Ladder: Climb through a ladder.

Time Freeze: Stop time, forever.

Burgle the Burglar: Enter Sakon's hideout at any time.

FD Link Anywhere: Be Fierce Deity Link outside of boss battles.
Infinite Cinema: Watch the cinema that literally goes on forever.
Kafei Crash: Crash the game with Kafei.

Buying Glitch: Buy 20 bombchus for less than 80 rupees.

Canine Mask: Wear a Dog on your head.

Clumsy Link: Walk off a cliff during conversation.

Day Reset: Start over the day.

Day Reset II: Another way to start over the day, also allowing you to access the twisted corridor.

Degree of Difficulty: Change the difficulty of H & D's target game.

Deku Insta-gib II: Another cycle of never ending Deku death.

Deku Sword: Use a sword as Deku Link.

Deku ISG: The infinite sword glitch as Deku Link.

Disappearing Bow: Here now, gone a second later.

Doggy Lock: Lock the game up in the Doggy Racetrack.

Door Change: Watch someone change a door by simply using it.

Early Clock Tower: Skip the entire moon's tear quest.

Early Gibdo Mask: Enter the Music Box House without learning the Song of Storms.

Elevated Ripple: See ripples in air.

Extra Sniff: Sniff without the Mask of Scents on.

Failed Entry: Stop yourself from entering the Milk Bar when you should.

Fall Horse: Ride Epona off cliffs and ledges.

Flying Dogs: Make dogs hover in midair.

Flying Hag: Have Kotake not fly out of her shop when she normally would.

Flying Tektites: Make a Tektite fly off into oblivion.

Focal Point: Make the camera stay focused on Link instead of Gyorg.

Forever Aimer: See the Hookshot's aimer dot even when you're not pointing it.

Free Deku: Escape Clocktown as Deku Link.

Frozen Cucco: A Cucco stuck in place.

GF Sword Spin: Use the Great Fairy's sword to do a spin attack.

Ghost Deku: Go through a wall in Ikana Castle as Deku Link.

Ghost House: Get into the small house at the Gorman racetrack.

Ghost Kafei: See Kafei walk through a closed door, twice.

Ghost Link/Kafei: See Link or Kafei standing in the middle of a closed door.

Ghost Town: See parts of Clocktown that aren't there.

Ghost Zora: Make Mikau disappear before you get the Zora mask.

Ghostly Ice Block: Walk inside a frozen Chuchu.

Glitchy Guay: Make a forever spiraling Guay and freeze Link.

Good Eyes?: Get Anju to recognize normal/Goron/Zora Link as the same person.

Goron Jump: Reach high places as a Goron.

Goron Lockup: Lock up the game using a goron and rock sirloin.

Easy Palace: Skip 90% of the Deku Palace when trying to get into the monkey's cage.

Grab Glitch: Have Link cling to the wall instead of falling.

Ground Cam: Look through the ground.

Half Stick: Wield half a Deku Stick.

Headless Ghost: Knock a Stalchild's head off and make him float.

Hen House Backyard: See what the Hen House is lacking.

Hideout Freeze: Lock up the Game in Sakon's Hideout.

Hideout Freeze II: Lock up the Game in Sakon's Hideout, again.

High Hanger: Climb ledges previously too high.

Hollow Barn: See what the barn is lacking.

Alien Clones: See what the Aliens left behind when they took Romani and the cows.

Hover Horse II: Make Epona hover across the ground in Great Bay.

Hover Horse: Make Epona float in the air.

Hover Link: Make Link hover slightly above the ground.

Hyperactive: Run fast without the Bunny Hood.

Lethargic: "Run" slowly.

Iceless Ikana: Get to the upper part of Ikana Valley without the Ice arrows.

Infinite Hookshot: Link can't get rid of his hookshot.

Infinite Sword Glitch: Make a sword that has infinite power.

Angry Teacher: A teacher constantly yelling at his student.
Bombchu Hover: Use a bombchu to hover in midair.
Bomb Freeze‎: Freeze up the game.
Drunk Cremia: Get Cremia to run over a worker with her milk wagon.
Ghost Tree: Go through one of Woodfall's trees.
Wrong Warp: Exit a cave and return at a different location.
Double Grass: Get Link grabbing gras from the air.
Empty Sign: A perfectly-crafted sign that can't be checked.
Shake it!: Violent camera shaking at the sword academy.

Instant Win: Win a game by starting it.

Instrument Inspection: Take a close up look at your instruments.

Hookshot Inspection: Take a close up look at the Hookshot.

Invisible Swamp: Explore one side of the Swamp while it's invisible.

Swampy Crash: Crash the game in the swamp.
Swamp Sky Riding: Get Epona into the Invisible Swamp.
Minigame Freedom: Get off the boat during Koume's minigame.
Minigame Practice: See Koume Practice her minigame route.
Swamp Sky Boating: Get the cruise boat in the invisible swamp.

Item Illusion: Items that look like they can't be used but can.

Liquid Fish: See Gyrorg's little fishes appear out of water (instead of Gyrorg).

Living Doorknocker: Create a living doorknocker out of Dampè.

Magicless Lens: Make the Lens of Truth consume no magic power.

Malicious Mailbox: Turn the Great Fairy's sword invisible and screw up the Hookshot.

Malicious Mailbox II: Turn Fierce Deity Link's sword invisible.

Milk Refill: Play Epona's Song in front of a cow without getting a refill of milk.

Music Switch: Change music that you previously couldn't.

Musical Night: Listen to music at night.

Ocarina 'B': Put the Ocarina on the 'B' button.

Long Range Game: Continue the Fisherman's game timer in other areas.
Infinite Magic: Be giant Link indefinitely.
Aquatic Ocarina?: It looks like you can use it underwater, but you can't.

On the Spot Rolling: Self explanatory yes? Roll on the spot.

Peeking Link: Look through solid walls.

Peeking Speak: Speak to Kafei through two walls.

Penetrable Racetrack: Get into the Gorman Bro's racetrack.

Extra Map: And yet another part of the Gorman track is now accessible...

Picto Lockup: Lock up the game using the Pictograph Box.

Pot Outfit: "Wear" a pot on your head or body or "eat" it.

Puzzle Skip: Get the end result without attempting the puzzle.

Quick Draw: Draw out one of your items and have it ready instantly.

Quick Draw II: Draw your sword in a flash.

Remote Horse: Control Epona while not being mounted on her.

Return A: Cancel entering first-person view.

Play in First-Person: Play the game in first-person view.

Roof Rolling: Roll around on the Pirate's Fortress roof.

Roof Walker: Get on top of the small building in the Gorman racetrack.

Save Overlap: Bring over a detail from one Owl save to another.

Seam Walking: Climb a seam in Termina Field.

Early Mountain Village: Get to Mountain Village without the Hero's Bow using a seam.

Shallow Zora: Make the game act as though shallow water is deep.

All Item Zora: Use any item as Zora Link, even the FD mask, in all versions!
Death End: Get Link stuck in a place between the Gormans and the Romanis.

Short Link: Make Link look ridiculously short.

Slippery Guard: Make the Clocktown guards slide sideways.

Solid Ground?: Fall through solid(?) ground.

Solid Ground? II: Fall through solid(?) ground again.
Solid Ground? III: Fall through solid(?) ground once again.

Sound Glitch: Make the Ocarina, Pipes and drums sound like the guitar.

Sound Glitch II: Make Mikau's guitar sound like Link's ocarina.

Spastic Slip: Slip and grab and slip and grab and, well, you get the picture.

Deku Insta-gib: Put Deku Link into an infinite loop of death.

Song of Storms Malfunction: Make a storm not summoned.

Song of Time Storage: Resets the cycle without going back in time.

Spider Clip: Clip into a hole in the Ocean Spider House.

Stalchild Stall: Get the game stuck doing nothing.

Sticky Snake: Get stuck in the mouth of a giant sea snake.

Stop Time: Rather self-explanatory.

Scarecrow's Time Song: Scarecrow misplaces a bottled fish for an instrument.

Stopped Waterwheel: See what doesn't happen when you stop the GB Temple's waterwheel.

Stretchy Link: Stretch Zora Link, all the way to a game freeze.

Strong Link: Carry the Rock Sirloin as normal Link.

Stuck Fish: Skullfish stuck swimming in place.

Stuck Sakon: Get Sakon stuck on the riverbank.

Stuckshot: Make the Hookshot freeze in mid pull.

Stupid Stalchild: Talk to the Stalchild who thinks you're on the floor.

Superslide: The cheaters method of getting quickly from A to B.

Swamp Shooting Gallery Scenery: See what's behind that fence line.

Tatl Stalchild: A Stalchild that talks like Tatl.

Tektite Slide: Send a Tektite sliding away.

The 4th Day: Play the game beyond the normal 3-day cycle.

The 4th Day II: An easier way to get to the 4th day.

One-Man Argument: Make Clock Town's Mayor argue with himself.
Twilight in Paradise: Change the sky inside the moon.

The Disable Glitch: Disable the A, B and C-button functions.

Uninvited Guest: Enter Kafei's house anytime.

Turtle Float: Float above the Giant Turtle's back.

Uninvited Deku: Get into Kafei's house easily anytime using Deku Link.

Unloaded East Clock Town: See East Clock Town unloaded.

Forever Falling Fierce Deity: Make the Fierce Deity fall endlessly.

Unforge the Sword II: The method that is compatible with any version.

Unstoppable Stalchild: A Stalchild not in compliance with the game rules.

Up 'N Over: Go over the Bomber kid guarding the Observatory.

Void Avoid: Fall through a void without the area resetting.

Wall Hack: Jump through a wall.

Wall Hack II: Roll through a wall in Snowhead Temple.

Warping Dog: Make a dog warp from somewhere nearby into Link's hands.

Spiny Crash Dog: Crash the game while spinning with a dog on your face.

Water Ready: Have Zora Link's boomerangs ready to throw, in deep water.

Weird Nuts: Weird behavior involving the Deku Nuts and the sword...

Winter Race: Participate a Goron race in the cursed winter.

Zora Clip: Do a short dash with Zora Link that allows him to pass through objects.

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