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100+ Gold Skulltulas: Get more than 100 Golden Skulltulas.

100+ Gold Skulltulas II: Get more than 100 Golden Skulltulas, a different way.

Skulltula Lockup: Lock the game up.
Skulltula Semi-lockup: An almost complete game lock up.

180 Flip: Make Link do a 180 degree turn in mid air.

180 Spin: Link spins 180 degrees without even moving his feet.

2 Headed Horse: Make two Horses exist in the same time and space.

21 Bottles: Replace items with bottles, up to a maximum of 21.

Extra Item: Carry one more item than you should.
Extra item II: A different way to carry more than you should.

Air Runner: Enter the Thieve's Hideout on air.

All Terrain Ocarina: Play the Ocarina underwater.

All Terrain Ocarina II: Play the Ocarina on instant-death lava.
All Terrain Ocarina III: Play the Ocarina on instant-death lava, in Death Mountain Crater.

Alternate Music: Have different background music during the time traveling cinemas.

Anti-Physics Duo: Use a horse and a crate to force Link through walls.

Anti-Physics Duo II: Horse and crate return for more fun.
Anti-Physics Duo III: Horse and wall is all we need this time.

Aqua Sword: Use the Master or Biggoron's sword underwater.

Aqueous Moblin: Watch a Moblin take to water, like a rock.

Archery Grab: Carry around the archery guy.

B Command: See an A button command on the B button.

B Command II: An alternate method.
B Command III: A different command.
B Command IV: III's command in the Graveyard.

Back to Basics: Remove the B and C icons.

Bad Cutscene: Make the game screw up a teleport.

Barbecued Link: Roast Link in a wave of fire during the Final Boss battle with Ganon.

Behind the Walls: Go beyond the visible area of the Market.

Beyond the Background: See what's behind one of the pre rendered backgrounds.

Blue Halo: See a little blue halo in the Temple of Time.

Bombslide: Go Bombsliding!

Bongo Bongo Forever: Get stuck listening to it's beat forever.

Bottom of the Well Early II: A second, bit more difficult method to break into the Bottom of the Well early.

Box Auto-move glitch: Get two boxes to stack by themself.

Brave Horse: Get Epona to run off a cliff.

Brave Horse II: Make Epona ride off a ledge.

Child Master Sword: Have the Master Sword equipped as child Link!

Clumsy Link: See Link walk backwards off a platform.

Crate Trap: Get stuck in the ranch tower.

Crazy Warp: Get Link to warp without standing on a warp.

Crazy Warp II: Get Link to warp in a grotto without standing on a warp.

Crushed Link: Crush adult Link to child Link size during a cinema.

Crushed! Not?: You think you'll get crushed.

Cucco-Diving Lens: Break into the Bottom of the Well early and get the Lens of Truth without the Song of Storms.

Cutscene Unfreeze: Take control during a cutscene using a bottle of bugs.

Death Clipping: See a slightly embarrassing programming error.

Death Hole: Die and get stuck in the hole of death.

Din's Freeze: Freeze the game with Din's Fire.

Din's Lockup: Lock the game up in the Forest Meadow with Din's Fire.

Disappearing Statue: Make an Armos statue disappear.

Dodgy Cuccos: The bottom of the well makes cuccos not right.

Dog Tamer: "Tame" the wild pack of dogs in the market.

Double Damage: Get hit twice by the same bomb.

Down A: Get the A button to show the down command while not on a ladder.

Earthquake Link: Make the camera shake like! like! like there's an earthquake.

Epona Clipping Glitch: Use Epona to go through walls.

Equipped Climber: "Climb" a ladder with your shield out.

Ethereal Door: A door in the Forest Temple you can walk right through.

Evil Leever: The Leever that you can't lock onto.

Exteriors Interior: Get inside the exterior walls of Ganon's Tower.

Extra key: Have an extra key in the Water Temple.

Fake Fall: End up down a hole you missed.

False Nocturne: Experience the "Nocturne rain" without learning the Nocturne.

Fence Horse: Get Epona on top of fences.

Fiery Death: A funny way to die in Death Mountain Crater.

Fire Starter: Have a Deku Stick catch on fire when you take it out.

First Person Slasher: Walk around and use most of your abilities in first person view.

Fish Out of Water: Put Link into a cycle of choking for air, on land.

Floating Chest: See a chest floating off the ground in the Forest Temple.

Floating Rupees: Make rupees float in the air.

Floating Sign: Make the top half of a sign float in midair.

Flying Tektites: Make a Tektite fly off into oblivion.

Fogged: Get coloured fog in almost all outdoor areas in the game.

Night Time Music II: Music at night in Hyrule Field.
Silence for the Sun: No music during the day in Hyrule Field.

Forest Escape: Get out of the forest as a child before beating the first dungeon.

Forest Escape II: Another way to get out of the forest before beating the Deku Tree.

Musical Forest: Night time music in the Kokiri Forest.
No Respect: Have Link do something rude in front of the Great Deku Tree.
Seed Downgrade: On the surface, downgrade your Bullet Bag. Deep down, prevent yourself from reaching maximum Bullet Bag capacity.

Forever Aimer: Make the Hookshot/Longshot aimer always be at your side.

Forever Running Link: Make Link run and run and run and run...

Free Ride: Ride Epona for free before winning her.

Frozen Tektites: Freeze Tektites in midair.

Frozen Tektites II: Freeze Tektites on Death Mountain.

Ganon's Barrier Skip: Skip the barrier at the beginning of Ganon's castle.

Ganon's Castle Lockup: Lock the game up infront of Ganon's Castle.

Gerudo Chest: Open a Gerudo like a chest.

Gerudo Child: Get into the Gerudo's Fortress as a child.

Hothead Link:Make link move while encased in ice crystals.
Mountain Gerudo: Climb a rocky face in the Gerudo's Fortress.
Desert Hunter: Get past the Haunted Waste Land as Child Link.
Carpenter's Child: Enter the Carpenter's tent as a child.
Ice arrows Early: Get the Ice arrows without training.
Bomb Bag C: Get the Bomb Bag on the C button.

Gerudo Child II: Get into the Gerudo's Fortress as a child, a different way.

Gerudo Ghost: Blast through a wall in the Spirit temple.

Ghost Block: Push a block through a solid wall.

Ghost Door: Create a door that can be seen, opened, and walked straight through.

Ghost Epona: You can hear her but you can't see her...

Ghost Link: Go through less than 90 degree corners.

Shallow Link: Be able to swim in shallow water.

Ghost Link II: Squeeze Link inside a block and walk through solid walls.

Ghost Link III: Go through a wall in the Ice Cavern.

Ghost Link IV: Go through another wall in the Ice Cavern.

Ghost Link V: Go beyond the Spirit Temple's walls.

Ghost Link VI: Go through yet another wall in the Ice Caverns.

Ghostly Guard: See the "ghost" of the dead guard in the Back Alley.

Gliding Link: Get onto the blue roofed house in Kakariko Village as a child.

Good Eyes?: The Kakariko guard doesn't notice that Link already owns the piece of equipment he's referring to...

Good Eyes? II: Apparently, Mido sees the Goron and Zora tunics as Kokirish clothing...

Green Mist: See the green mist from Dampé's grave in the windmill.

Grotto Reality: See what's really under those holes in the ground.

Grotto Trap: Get trapped in a Grotto.

Ground Jumping: Jump straight up off the ground.

Damage Boosting: Go a fair way for the cost of half a heart.
Ice arrows Early: Get the Ice arrows without training.

Ground? What Ground?: Run through the ground at various places.

Guard Freeze: Freeze Link and a guard at Hyrule Castle.

Guard Freeze II: Another way to freeze Link and a guard at Hyrule Castle.

Gerudo Freeze: "Lock" the game up in the Gerudo's Fortress.

Guard Freeze III: A third way to freeze Link and a guard at Hyrule Castle.

Half Stick: Use half a Deku stick.

Pot Puff: Make pots burst with brown smoke.

Hands Only Cow House: Get to the cow in Kakariko Village as an adult with only your hands.

Harmless Beamos: Take no damage from a Beamos' laser.

Hidden Cave: Get into the "secret cave" underwater in Zora's Domain.

Ice Mound: Create a mound of ice that you walk around in.

Ineffective Elements: Make Link impervious to the elements.

Inefficient Barricade: The back of the DMT gate isn't solid, get behind it.

Infinite Cinema: Watch the cinema that has no end.

Infinite Note: Watch Pierre dance forever.

Infinite Sword Glitch: Have your sword automatically damage anything it touches.

Bombchu Hover: Get anywhere in the game using a bombchu!
Actor Cloning: Clone a wide variety of actors.
Infinite Heart Pieces: As the name suggests, get lots of heart pieces!
Adult Link Deku Tree: Get into the Deku Tree as an adult.
Steal Epona: Get Epona before winning her.
Cucco Dance: Spin around while holding a cucco.
Empty Sign: A perfectly-crafted sign that can't be checked.

Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu: Not the dungeon but the actual Lord Jabu-Jabu.

Invincible Barinade: He can't get hurt!

Invisible Hat: Make the Fisherman's hat turn invisible.

Invisible Shelf: Stand on air.

Jumping Sign: Make a sign hop around like a little bunny.

Ladder Degrees: Use a ladder to get a sideview.

Ladder Lock: Lock the game up on a ladder.

Ladder Lock II: And again.

Ladder Slip: Miss a ladder and grab the ground above instead.

Under Zora's Ice II: A third way to get under the ice in Zora's Domain.

Lakeside Ghost: Jump through a corner at Lake Hylia.

Water Child: Enter the Water temple as child Link.

Lava Stroll: Briefly walk in instant-death lava.

Lead Link: Sink like a stone without the Iron boots.

Like-Like Luvin: Go beyond the Water Temple's walls again and enjoy the pink space while relaxing in water.

Like-Like Luvin II: Go beyond the Spirit Temple's walls.
Like-Like Luvin III: Go beyond the Gerudo Training Ground's walls.
Like-Like Luvin IV: Go beyond the Fire Temple's walls.

Link Hover: Make kid Link hover off the ground.

Link Hover II: Another way to hover as kid Link.

Long Hover: Make the Hover boots hover longer.

Low Stab: A multipurpose stab of differing strength.

Magic Fish: The fish that teleports.

Magic Quicksand: Slide across quicksand without sinking.

Magicless Lens: Use the Lens of Truth without using Magic power.

Master Musician: Learn a song without playing it even once.

Mega Flip: Do a back flip four times the distance as a normal one.

Mole Link: Get Link's head stuck in the ground.

Mouth Crush: Make Link pop through the mouth in Dodongo's Cavern.

Multiple Masks: See two of the same mask.

Music Swap: Music switching during the Ghoma battle.

Music Swap II: Music switching during the Spirit Temple's Iron Knight battle.

Mystical Gibdo: Make a Gibdo walk around in the air.

Nayru's Crash: Use Nayru's Love to crash the game.

Night Time Music: Have music playing in the Gerudo's Fortress at night.

No Bolero: Beat the game without learning the Bolero of Fire.

Zelda Escapes: Meet Sheik after Ganondorf abducts Zelda.

No Navi: Get Navi stuck in the Temple of Time.

Ocarina Items: Play almost any c-button item, and the swords, as an Ocarina.

All Version SL: Get swordless Link in almost any version.
Bottle B: Get a bottle on the B button.
Dark Room: A dark mist in Barinade's room.
Ghost Item: Lose an item you never had.
Multiple Master Swords: Have a Master sword and at the same time see another.

Ocarinaless Notes: Play the Ocarina while walking, battling etc.

Play any instrument: Play sheiks harp and other instruments

On the Spot Rolling: Self explanatory yes? Roll on the spot.

Out of Mido's House: Jump through the floor in Mido's House and fall to your death.

Outside the Fire: Get Link stuck outside Ganon's fire.

Peeking Link: Look through solid walls.

Pink Space: Go beyond the Water Temple's walls to discover there's nothing but space - pink space.

Pointless Death: Kill Link without hurting him in any way.

Pre rendered Physics: Observe some strange anomalies.

Premature Piece: Get an 'adult' piece of heart as a child.

Press 'B' to stop: Make the 'B' button say "stop" during gameplay.

Prize Upgrade: Get the Golden Scale instead of a Heart Piece.

Prowler: Be inside Dampé's hut during the day and the ranch house at night.

Queen Gohma Glitch: Have Queen Gohma disappear from the battle.

Quick Draw: Draw out one of your items and have it ready instantly.

Race through Time: See the Running man's race timer as a child.

Reverse Bottle Adventure: Change various items on the menu.

Reverse Grip: Grab backwards.

Rock Armor: Wear a rock, or at least, make it look like you are.

Pot Armor: Wear a pot.
Feather Armor: Wear a Cucco.

Rude Link: Get Link to ignore Darunia during a cinema.

Safety First: Crawl into a hole with your shield up.

Saws Without Nuts: A saw that prevents nuts from reaching maximum capacity.

Scrambled Text: See someone's speech glitch up.

Secret Coloured Gauntlets: Now in green, blue, red and black!

Late Cinema: Watch something that was supposed to happen seven years ago.

Shield Swapping: Two oddities caused by switching shields, that are being used.

Short Link: Make Link look ridiculously short.

Silence for the Rain: Silence the Fire Temple's music for the rain sounds.

Silent Woods: No music in the Lost Woods.

Skip the Puzzle: Bypass a puzzle in the Deku Tree.

Skip the Puzzle II: Skip a puzzle in the Water Temple.

Skip the Switch: Open a chest in the Water Temple without switching off its 'guard'.

Skip the Switch II: Open a chest in the Spirit Temple without switching off its guard.

Skulltula Stuffup: Run around with an active text box, and infinite GS tokens.

Skulltula Trap: Get Link stuck between a Skulltula and a block.

Slow Death: Be dead during a cinema.

Space Link: Fall through Ganon's castle and into a "meteor shower".

Spastic Jumping Link: Repetitive up and down motion.

Speed Bonus: Shoot more than 15 arrows in the shooting gallery.

Speedy Link II: Get a ridiculously low time in the race with Dampé's ghost.

Spear Proof: Have Link stand strong against a Moblin.

Steal the Rod: Leave the Fishing Pond with the Fishing Rod.

Steal the Rod II: Leave the Fishing Pond with the Fishing Rod in any version.

Deku Sword: Turn the Master sword into a Deku stick.
Fishing Freeze: Freeze the game in the Fishing Pond.
Swordless Link: Get swordless Link early.

Sticky Statue: Get stuck on the back of a statue.

Sun Shower: Make it rain from a beautiful sunny sky.

Super Slide: Make Link slide at great speed across large distances.

Super Slide II: Another method that doesn't require Nayru's Love.

Sword Switch: Have the Master sword in hand but the Biggorons sword equipped.

The Disable Glitch: Disable Link! No A, B or c-buttons!

The Location Glitch: Get Epona in some very odd places.

Location I: Get inside the Carpenter's Tent.
Location II: Make Epona float in the air.
Location III: Get Epona at the bottom of Gerudo Valley.

Thin Wall: Get behind the Zora's Fountain Great Fairy stone wall.

Through the Blade Trap: Roll straight through a blade trap.

Timer Stop: Get the Odd Mushroom timer stuck on 00:00.

Top Torch Tip: Go through a wall in the Water Temple using a torch stand.

Under the Ice: Get under the ice in Zora's Domain.

Under Zoras Ice: Get under the ice in Zora's Domain.

Underneath Lake Hylia: Get pushed through a rock and underneath Lake Hylia.

Unwanted Icons: See onscreen icons when they shouldn't be there.

Useful Cucco: Get beyond the fence behind the Kakariko windmill.

Adult Well: Enter the bottom of the well as an adult.
Frozen Cucco: A Cucco stuck in place.

Useless Love: Make Nayru's Love not protect you.

Vanishing Scrubs: Make sales scrubs disappear.

Vine Clip: Knock child Link through vine-covered walls.

Walking While Talking: Walk around while in conversation.

Weird Nuts: Weird behavior involving the Deku Nuts and the sword...

Wet Camera: See water in air.

Wet Feet: The sound of walking in water... has been transferred to land!

Z Targetter: Z target normally untargetable objects.

Zombie Burial: Get a ReDead slightly pushed into the ground.

Zora Link: Swim with the Iron boots on and swim on land.

Tilted Link: Make Link stand at an angle.
Dive Walker: Walk on land with the dive meter.
Dive Runner:Run around underwater with the dive meter.
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